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We make Health IT simpler

Health care is a major industry with abundant complexity, expenditures, and size.  It has to address clinical processes, operational improvements, and costs of regulation. As experience from other industries shows, properly implemented technology can greatly improve all aspects of medical care.


The demands on the health care managers and providers is growing.   Medical practice today must handle many complex administrative tasks. The IT can help by simplifying complex functions.  Simplification of any process requires in-depth practical knowledge of the challenge and experience.


Pragmate LLC combines strong background in healthcare and in technology.  This powerful combination offers our customers a dedicated, professional partner that knows how to deliver results.



Industry Knowledge

Our experience in health care industry covers health care operations ranging from iindividual clinics to large payers. 


This knowledge allows us quickly understand our client requirements and to implement our products in the most efficient and effective way.



Open Architecture

Architecture of the Pragmate products uses the multi tier approach to ensure maximum deployment flexibility and maximum reuse of functional elements.  The flexibility ensures that we can implement the software in the way most suited to your requirements. 


Our framework supports fast delivery of reliable code by reusing common features and minimizing the coding required to implement your requirements.

Project Management

Disciplined approach is critical for any project - software or administrative procedure.  The success is determined by clearly defined  goals and by continuous monitoring  of the progress.  Project management is as critical as knowledge of the business and technical capability.


Pragmate has extensive experience implementing large software projects.  Our formal procedures support our disciplined methodology.

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